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Adventique focuses on the long term development of payments and technology companies. It is a strategic advisory boutique profiting of its long-time international business-experiences, its links to renowned business schools like the IMD and a broad network of professionals it can involve.

It offers advisory services in the following domains:

Strategy: Analysis, overhaul or from scratch development of complete corporate strategies or of specific business units. Strategies are developed with the executive team and the staff to ensure a maximal buy-in. Implementation is ensured thanks to breaking down all strategic thrusts into measurable targets for every unit which can be tracked continuously. Thanks to a proven strategy communication framework the entire staff understands the purpose of the strategy and is fully committed.

Strategic Business Development: Scouting and evaluation of potential business partners to strike strategic alliances or joint ventures. Profiling of each partner including risk assessment in sensible areas guarantee solid decision base. The definition of joint business models including business and project plans plus all required legal documents allow swift progress and the basis to potential M&A transactions.

M&A: Definition of inorganic business strategies to achieve significant growth, get hold of key technologies or increase focus and cash through divestments. Development of M&A opportunity funnel and qualification of targets alongside a company’s corporate strategy leads to successful M&A transactions. The participation and management of sale and buy side processes is a key competence as well as the strategic preparation of companies intending a future sale.

Innovation: Structured evaluation and development of innovations to ensure companies can rely on healthy revenue streams in the future. Market research prior to developments minimize failure risks. Definition of prototypes and minimal viable products to test market acceptance. Benchmarking and experience exchange on an international level to master potential hurdles successfully. Transition of innovations into standard products as part of the regular value proposition.




Adventique has a proven track record of projects successfully delivered in the market in its domains of excellence.


  • Product development and launch strategies for large Swiss Payment Service Providers
  • Development and implementation of corporate strategy for leading Swiss Payment Service Providers
  • Market entry strategies for Swiss Payment Service provider to enter several European Markets
  • Development and implementation of corporate strategy for top two  German Payment Service Providers
  • Analysis, overhaul and repositioning of renowned Swiss Software Engineering company

Strategic business development:

  • Realignment and extension of services offering of large Payment Service Providers
  • Setup of important bank partnership in Europe to successfully commercialize payment services
  • Launch of joint offerings between Payment Service Providers and Value Added Service Providers in Europe
  • Assessment and setup of strategic alliances between large European Payment Processors
  • Setup of very large German-French joint venture in Payment Services



  • Participation in several large M&A processes in the payments industry in the role of M&A responsible, project manager or sale, respectively buy side advisor
  • Acquisition of several merchant portfolios in Europe
  • Acquisition of leading card acquirer in Austria
  • Divestment of vertical sector specialized payment service provider in Luxembourg
  • Acquisition of NSP in Germany
  • Acquisition of significant card acquirer in Switzerland
  • Minority sale of German Acquirer to form joint venture



  • Development and stepped launch of Swiss Mobile Payments solution
  • Consulting for European Mobile Payments startups
  • Advisor to Biometric ID Management startup
  • Advisor to digital real estate cadaster startup
  • Mentor in F10 incubation hub Zurich
  • Setup and management of innovation concept in large payment service providers






Adventique relys on over 25 years of international business experience its members could gain during their careers working with or for the following companies.




About Us

Adventique was founded 2002 in Lugano, Switzerland by Christian Bucheli as an advisory services company in strategy, marketing and business development. The name Adventique is a coinage combining the Latin verb advenire, meaning „to come to,“ „to arrive,“ „to show up at,“ with the French suffix „ique“. This made-up word stands Adventique’s philosophy to create true value thanks to the very close engagement with its consulting customers.

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Adventique S.a.g.l.
Via Somaini 10
CH-6900 Lugano


Tel: +41 79 356 47 67



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